Although I didn’t know it at the time, the concept of “Live E.P.I.C.” began shortly after college graduation.

At the time, I had been struggling with some personal relationships that left me feeling low-grade miserable and a just unhappy overall. I knew something, somewhere in my life, had to change for the better.

That’s when I decided to take a hard look at myself, my flaws, and how I could grow to be a better person.

I thought to myself, theoretically, if I was a “good” person – a better person (knowing I had things to work on) – I would be happier and have a better quality of life.

Right? But how?

Since there were no books on “how to be a good person”, I had to figure it out.

I began researching character development and found a few valuable ideas, like being more honest, more humble, more loving, more grateful. It wasn’t exactly straightforward. But then again, it didn’t really matter because what I was doing was working.

I began to experience greater happiness and personal success from a new source: these character “qualities”.

Naturally, I continued to search for other areas where I could improve and grow.

Fast forward, as a young parent I found myself teaching my children how to use my secrets for success all day, everyday.

And it all began to take shape on the standout stage – the playground!

(More on that in the next blog post.) 

As they grew older, I realized I wanted to leave my children with something they could keep and pass on to their children as a family treasure of sorts – a secret to a life filled with happiness and success. But what could that be? 

The only viable answer was a book. But I had never considered authoring my own book! Helping myself and teaching my kids was one thing. Writing a book for the world was another.

I knew I needed a clear and concise, easy-to-understand formula that could be applied in a variety of life circumstances. And this is when it all came together.

It occured to me that those qualities that I had been personally developing and teaching to my children were actually virtues. Then there was a progression in my thinking. I realized when I applied excellence to these virtues, I grew to be a person of character.

And soon my life was filled with incredible happiness, personal fulfillment, and success. I was living an epic life.

Voila! This is how my concept of Live E.P.I.C. – Excellence Personified in Character evolved.

I hope you’ll join me as I put a modern spin on the ageless wisdom of the value of virtues in a lighthearted everday approach. I will share the valuable lessons I have learned–some the easy way, some the hard way–throughout my life journey.

I’m sure you will be able to relate. And it won’t be long before you see how easy it is to incorporate living E.P.I.C. in your daily life.

Growing little-by-little, to be the best version of yourself, for yourself and those around you.

Let’s grow together. And enjoy the journey all the while.

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