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“We live in a world where it’s so easy to get distracted by what really matters. Kristin’s Live E.P.I.C. framework can help you recenter and focus on immediate strategies to help you live a happier and healthier life.”

Katie Hood, CEO, One Love Foundation

What does it mean to live E.P.I.C.?

We all want to have more robust, thriving and genuine personal and professional relationships.

We all want to consistently feel better physically and emotionally. 

We know that when we have strength in virtue we experience positive outcomes in our lives, and when we lack, well, the outcomes are less than desirable.

But getting there is no easy feat.

Live E.P.I.C. is about transforming an ordinary life into an extraordinary life through the cultivation of Excellence Personified In Character. This book offers an easy, relatable, organized approach on how to cultivate character by recognizing opportunities in our everyday life to grow in virtue.

And boy have I been there! This book is born out of my personal stories of failure and how I turned those around using strength in virtue and personal values to build success. But this isn’t your parent’s definition of virtue. I’ve revitalized the ageless wisdom of moral virtues with a modern spin to help you achieve this transformation.

Divided into three sections, Live E.P.I.C. takes readers through the E.P.I.C. principle and how to integrate it into their personal core values and lives. It delves into the seven core virtues that shape our personal character including worksheets, actionable tools, and tips on how to become the CEO of your life by building E.P.I.C. Living Blueprints.

My hope is that this book inspires you to be the best version of yourself, little by little, each and every day by growing in virtue.

Kristin Noto, author of Live E.P.I.C.

“Kristin Noto has written a moving account of the transformative power of focusing on values like compassion, honesty, humility, and gratitude—in her own life and as a guide to others—and the effect of small positive decisions in building a fulfilling life.”

Harold S. Koplewicz, MD, President of Child Mind Institute

“Kristin’s beautifully and compassionately written story—philosophically rich, but sprinkled with an abundance of warmth and humility—inspires its readers to be the finest version of themselves. Everyday she lives in concert with her belief in the contagiousness of virtue; and I can personally and enthusiastically attest to the deeply motivating impact that her character, honesty, wisdom and huge heart has had on my life and so many others.”

Liz Ann Sonders, Managing Director, Chief Investment Strategist, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.