The E.P.I.C. Virtues

Revitalizing the ageless wisdom of virtues with a modern spin to create transformation.

Live E.P.I.C. is based on seven virtues that I’ve found to be the most impactful in my life: gratitude, faith, charity, honesty, perseverance, prudence and wisdom.

You may not realize this, but you use virtues — all day and everyday — to navigate through your life. It’s the manner in which you use them — positively or negatively — that impacts the quality of your life. When you have strength in them, you experience positive outcomes in your life and when you lack, the outcomes are less than desirable. Together these virtues and the ways in which you use them — or ignore them — shape your personal character.

The 7 virtues for how to live E.P.I.C.

Here’s a snapshot of each of the seven E.P.I.C. virtues, what they mean to me and can mean for you:


Being thankful and humble

Gratitude begins the moment you recognize that you’ve received a benefit from someone or something. We can learn to practice gratitude, be grateful and actively incorporate a grateful mindset, or an “attitude of gratitude,” throughout each day in a meaningful and beneficial way.


Believing in yourself, others or a higher power

Faith is believing in the right thing. It’s a confidently held belief, a trust in someone or something you can’t see, but which you’re hoping for. Faith allows us and empowers us to believe in ourselves, others and the world as we choose to see it.


Being truthful with yourself and others

Honesty is defined by being truthful, genuine, and free of falseness, deception and fraud. It’s arguably the most important factor in establishing authentic, deep and meaningful relationships.


Seeing things through to the end

Perseverance is sticking to a wise course of action, especially in the face of challenges and adversity on the path to pursuing your goals. It’s finishing what you set out to achieve, ultimately with a reward that will deliver happiness.


Love or giving

Love is arguably the most powerful and important of all the virtues, residing at the core of our human existence. The most important form of love is self-love, loving and accepting yourself, being kind to yourself, encouraging and taking care of yourself.


Making better decisions

Wisdom involves insight toward the greater good, often a moral good. Wisdom assists you in making good decisions with knowledge based on a life of experience, learning, discerning and a deep understanding. True wisdom doesn’t depend on your level of education or intelligence.


The art of forward thinking

Prudence is the ability to govern and discipline by the use of reason. You demonstrate prudence when you make an educated assessment based on information and knowledge that has practical and positive implications.

Want to learn how to apply everyday excellence to these virtues?

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